Resin Art - Forever Flowers

Resin Art

Resin Art is a way to preserve a portion of your precious flowers in beautiful clear displays.

To design a Resin keepsake your flowers will need to be dried first.

Freeze drying is still the best method to preserve your flowers.  The shape and size of the blooms stay close to the original condition when placed in the process.  Color is vibrant and closer to original than other forms of drying such as silica sand, hang drying, or pressing.

To achieve the best results we disassemble the bouquet and process the individual blooms.  Most flowers do well in freeze drying although it is best to consult with us on your types of flowers.

We offer many sizes and shapes of Resin Art, this includes hexagons, hearts, squares, rectangles.

If you are a DIY crafty person, we can preserve your flowers only and you can design your own Resin Art.  Price to preserve your blooms by freeze drying is $150 average.  If specialty flowers are included,  cost will be calculated per specialty bloom.  Specialty flowers include Calla Lilies, Anemonies, and Orchids because an extra step is used within the freeze dry process to do the best possible job on these blooms.