Create Your Keepsake - Forever Flowers

Create Your Keepsake

Choosing the size…

The first step in creating your unique keepsake is to determine the size you would like to have.

• Specific size:

If you have space requirements where you will display your keepsake, choosing a standard size is preferable. We will use as many of your flowers as will fit the desired size.

• Enclose the whole bouquet.

If you would like to have the entire bouquet or all flowers sent to us for preservation enclosed in the keepsake, we will carefully measure your items and inform you of the size our designers think would be best. You can then make your decision of size. We have standard sizes, but if you are choosing a shadowbox, we can create any size that is required in square or rectangle designs.

Design Of Your Keepsake…

Choose from some of the most popular designs or call us with your ideas.

We have included many different items for our customers in the keepsakes. Some of the more popular items are: invitation, photo, garter, tiara, save the date, handkerchief, ribbon, picture lockets, cake toppers, champagne corks, table favors, honeymoon items such as room key, and sea shells from the beach.

At the time we receive the flowers, we will send a questionnaire to help in the keepsake selection. We work with you by phone or email, whatever is more convenient for you. We prefer that the keepsake choices are finalized 2 to 3 weeks after receiving the flowers. If you want to use a wedding photo that you don’t have yet, just let us know and we can save the spot in the keepsake design for the appropriate sized picture. We can then insert the photo right before the keepsake is sealed and ready for shipment.