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All About Freeze Drying

What is the process?

The Freeze-drying process uses specialized machines. When flowers are placed in the frozen chamber (which is -30F) they will freeze in their original shape. Shrinkage is only about 1%, so they really are much the same size as when fresh. Several Pre-treatments and Post-treatments are used to strengthen and protect the color as best possible. Many other treatments and specialized loading techniques are used based on the type and color of the flowers. The process can last 6 weeks or more; only when no more moisture is being extracted is the machine then powered down.


What kind of flowers do well?

Most wedding bouquet flowers are great for the process. There are a few we do not recommend such as bouvardia, Asiatic lilies, daisies (Gerberas are ok for our process), lily of the valley, stock, phlox, iris, and wildflower types. It is best to ask us about your flowers.


How do I send to you?

Ship to: FOREVER FLOWERS, 1738 AVENIDA DEL SOL, BOCA RATON, FL 33432. You will be shipping to us on the first business day after the event. If you would like to know how to care for your flowers before shipping , please call us.

Place your flowers in a cardboard box with some tissue, popcorn, or even newspaper so the flowers don’t bounce around. If you have a freezer pack (frozen), place it in the box with the flowers and secure it so it doesn’t damage the flowers. Use “NEXT DAY” delivery. US Postal Service is the least expensive, although be sure to ask for a delivery confirmation (signature) to be sure they deliver to us. UPS and Fedex are also great, but do cost more.

Please enclose your name, address, email, and contact phone numbers in the box with the flowers.

Please enclose a check made out to FOREVER FLOWERS in the amount of $185.00 for deposit. This will be applied towards your keepsake.  If you would like to use a credit card, please call us.  The framing can be chosen in the next 2-4 weeks. We will send information by email to help you select the keepsake.

Please be aware that this is our only location. We are the original Forever Flowers and process from all over the USA. We have recently been made aware of companies in other states suggesting that they are another branch of our company. We are the original owners and have been in business since 1997.